eFuture Holding: Initiating A Stake

The arbitrage of the eFuture Holding transaction should reward investors jumping on while the current spread exists

As promised last week, I’m back at the trading station with a deal for arbitrage-hungry fellow readers to invest in. Without any more teasing, here is the latest opportunity I’ve just put money into. Continue reading “eFuture Holding: Initiating A Stake”

Back From Vacation: What Happened Since I Left?

The markets never sleep, and while I was away on a (well deserved!) trip, a few things worth mentioning happened in the M&A space

Summer.. always a good time to be checked out of the financial world. But that I’m taking a break doesn’t mean nothing is happening, and before publishing about a new deal hopefully early next week, I want to quickly review what’s happened recently in our little merger arbitrage business now that I’m back from vacation. Continue reading “Back From Vacation: What Happened Since I Left?”